About our studio

Quality and comfort

Professionalism and experience

In our studio we can provide YOU with uncompromised sound for YOUR projects. There probably isn't an area where we haven't worked. We can rig sound for a TV show, record a podcast, dub, mix a song, make jingles for radio ... But what we do the most is production of commercial spots. We have been operating in this field since 2007 and during that time have established ourselves as one of the most sought-after studios in Slovakia.

Our many years of experience are available to YOU.

"You don't pay me for the time it took me, but for the years where I've learned to do it so quickly and well"                

Robert Vano - photografpher 

(Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue)


If you need to produce a commercial, in addition to its sound recording, we can provide you with an all-in-one services: screenplay from renowned copywriters, casting from more than 300 of the best Slovak actors and moderators (We also work closely with studios in Brno, where we can acquire Czech actors in a short time).

We have a large database of music, immediately at your disposal. And if YOUR project needs a unique atmosphere that YOU will not find in our databank, let's work with top composers to find a tailored solution. Among our friends YOU will also find professionals from other areas of audiovisual production: animators, editors, cameramen, producers and directors.

External recording and sound

If the situation requires it, our team will pack the equipment and come to YOU. We will record a podcast, a concert, or wire a press conference for sound.

We are here for YOU

We built our new studio with an emphasis on technical and acoustic perfection.

It is important for us to provide YOU with the highest quality of services. But we haven't forgotten about YOU, our clients and performers, and want YOU to feel comfortable with us. That is why YOU will find our studio a pleasant environment with a beautiful interior. Of course we have excellent coffee and a large selection of refreshments. There is also a chill area where YOU can take care of phone calls, e-mails, or just walk away from work for a minute.

Also from the comfort of YOUR office, or house

If for any reason YOU cannot participate in the production in person, we can manage the entire process for YOU via online applications such as Teams, Zoom and Skype. We stream audio and video in real time directly from the devices in the studio. YOU can have a full recording experience in maximum quality and actively communicate with all involved.

From ear to sound (and back)

Sound effects, noises and atmospheres are also an important part of a great sound mix. We are proud of our database, which contains over 1.000.000 sounds that we can use in YOUR projects. We buy them from the best producers in the world, who also supply the biggest Hollywood productions.

However, it can sometimes happen that we cannot find correct sound in our database. In this case we will pick microphones and recorders ... and will record the sound ourselves.

Our team

Vladimir "BAJKO" Bajnoci

CEO / sound engineer

I have been professionally involved in sound since 1990, when I was (18 years old) the youngest sound engineer in Slovak Radio. I stood at the birth of ROCK FM radio, the first nationwide, commercial radio station in Slovakia. Since 1996, I have spent my professional life in connection with Fun Radio, where I devoted myself to sound production and gained valuable experience. In 2007, in parallel with Fun Radio, I started to work in the field of Slovak advertising. In 2020, I built and launched my own studio, where I will be happy to welcome YOU personally.

Lubor "KAROL" Kristof

backup sound engineer / DJ

I met Karol in 1997 and we have been working closely together ever since. As his main job is still at Fun Radio, he works in our studio as a full-fledged, irreplaceable backup. His experience is a guarantee of a professional result.

Lubor Kristof aka DJ Carlo is also a well-liked party DJ and in this segment he is the number 1 choice of the largest event agencies and Slovak celebrities.

Roman "GOGOL" Malis

external events / technical support

As is standard in our studio, my and Roman's journeys were connected through Fun Radio. All radio broadcasts from exterior locations were always under his technical supervision. In an incredibly short time, he can build a studio at a gas station, swimming pool, or even at the Olympic games. Give him a fixed internet connection and he will move the radio world.

Countless of these opportunities have Roman "trained" to resolve any critical situation quickly and efficiently. In addition, he began to wire small and medium-sized events, such as conferences and presentations. If you need this or to record a podcast at YOUR premises, GOGOL will never leave anything to chance.

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